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GYFT Labs Provides Non-Toxic, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Solutions Through Unnatural, Out-Of-The-Box Thinking.

It’s time for Power Uncompromised.

Our increasingly connected world and it’s growing population are demanding more than ever before from the grid and energy technology.  Existing answers pollute, poison, or  plunder our planet and it’s people.  Even when these solutions aren’t fossil fuel based, they  are largely toxic and unethical.   

These compromised technologies damage our health, our economies, and create  landslides of unknown future costs for future generations to pay. It’s time for truly green energy.  Non-toxic, renewable, and ethical. 

The Problem

The world is facing a growing crisis of energy unlike ever before.

Energy Demands

An insatiable demand for energy is growing at an exponential rate worldwide.

Toxic Byproducts

An over-reliance on fossil fuel based energy systems with toxic byproducts.

Worldwide Pollution Crisis

Toxic energy solutions are polluting generations of humans across the globe.

Who We Are

We are GYFT Labs, and we are doing something about toxic energy.

We believe that it is time for truly green energy; non-toxic, renewable, and ethical.  And we believe we have the capabilities to do so.

Many existing energy technologies are toxic, compromising the health of our planet and people. The GYFT IP portfolio is uncompromised in creating sustainable, renewable energy solutions.

GYFT Labs is an intellectual property R&D company focused on impacting the energy  space with renewable and sustainable solutions through our IP portfolio.

Our Solution

It's time for truly green energy. Non-toxic, renewable and ethical.


We use zero toxic chemicals or materials in our energy solutions.


Our energy solutions do not negatively impact existing ecosystems. We do not remove critical or limited resources from the Earth.  


It is our intention to not use materials that require human slavery, degrade marginalized people, strip local economies or pollute.

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